Thursday, June 12, 2014

Joan Watson boots

 photo Watson_zps5f7f2f93.jpg
 photo PenelopeandCoco_zps0619a439.jpg

I've recently started watching Elementary (where have you been all my life?) and am completely slightly obsessed with Joans style. Specifically her gorgeous variety of high heeled ankle boots. Of course Lucy Liu is dressed in high end designer footwear, but I did track down a similar simple black style by Penelope and Coco. They design and make fashion forward footwear in L.A. which let me tell you is a rarity. Most women's footwear domestically made are versions of mens (which I love, but branching out is great), and they have some really cute styles besides their Ivy Boots

At $395 a pair it's a little steep for me to justify something I wouldn't be wearing almost daily, but a girl can dream right? 

{Penelope and Coco Ivy Boots}


  1. I have yet to watch Elementary. I guess I need to change that asap! I'm a big fan of ankle boots. I think I own more of them than any other shoe I have.

  2. Gah. Those are perfect. The perfect little mix of 1970s and modern sleekness. But that price? Gosh. Where's my money when i NEED it?

  3. I swear every time she comes on screen in something different I fall even more in love with her clothing. I'm even in love with her pajamas. The shapes she wears are really unique and I love the occasional pops of color!