Saturday, June 7, 2014

3sixteen+ 99BSP {day one}

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Ok, so this is my first pair of serious jeans. Exiting right?

I walked into the Self Edge Portland location and asked if they carried women's styles. Not only was I pointed in the right direction, but I ended up talking to Tyler, an employee there, for about an hour. He was super helpful, and answered every question I had. 

These are an exclusive design for Self Edge by 3Sixteen. They feature 14oz selvedge raw indigo denim, and embossed tag by TANNER GOODS. Made in San Francisco, they have beautiful details inside and out. 

When I first tried them on in the store I was surprised how well they fit. There's nearly a 13" difference between my waist and hip measurements, and most of the time selvedge denim is just too narrow at the hips. These have a very slight gap in the back, but in one of the photos below you can see how the construction at the back curves to contour. Tyler said the gap will fix itself once the seat relaxes, and if I wash them in about a month or so, the waist band should tighten just a little bit, should be enough for me so I'm going to try that. 
With these kinds of jeans, it's less about instant satisfaction in fit and feel, and more about making them yours, and molding them to your unique shape. Like a stiff pair of great boots, they'll get better the more you wear them. 

I'll be posting updates on these periodically, probably in a month or two once I get them hemmed and washed I'll share the difference between that and the first wear. 

{3Sixteen+ 99BSP}

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  1. i've never heard of them. will have to check them out. they have a great length for a cuff. i'm a shortie so i may have to cuff twice. ;)

    1. Yeah I'm not tall, so I'll get these hemmed in a couple weeks. But the large cuff really isn't all bad!

  2. I've been curious about the whole selvedge thing for a bit but wasn't sure. It seems like it's mostly geared towards guys...and, you know, I'm not thin so I wasn't sure I could even really find a suitable pair. Intimidation factor. Do you think a month will be long enough? I know some peeps go quite a long time. They are great looking jeans and I'm interested to see your first wash results!

  3. Yeah, I've noticed that for the most part sizes don't go up very far. I'm still looking, but I know a lot of girls that take over 30" opt for guys jeans and just wear them in to fit curves. However I think women's designs should be out there for larger sizes, so I'm still looking! When I get a good grasp I'll do a special feature.

    1. That could be a good option. I do like the 'boyfriend' jeans look...

  4. Big props for Self Edge! The owner is a long-time friend of an ex, and he and his wife are the nicest, most genuine and generous people. I'm really glad to see that they're doing well and expanding! And also that there are selvedge/dry denim jeans for women coming on the market. Maybe after the baby I'll invest in a pair...