Tuesday, September 16, 2014

{Lookbook} Tradlands fall 2014

 photo TradlandsVolumeFourLookbook-1_zpsde42a2e1.jpg

I don't know about you, but I'm way out of my element in summer. Inspiration is forced and it just seems like the hot and sunny days will never make way for cool and rainy ones. Especially since right now I'm in sunny southern California, avoiding the beautiful beach beneath me, and instead dreaming of being in the Tradlands Fall 2014 lookbook

I mean seriously, I haven't been this enchanted with a lookbook in a while, it's done everything perfectly from the lush woodsy setting, the photo inset images, and the "I woke up on a chilly morning looking like this and went for a hike" model.  

I've worked with Tradlands before on Vixen Vintage and they were a treat to collaborate with (you can see that post here). They make menswear quality shirting specifically for women, and I think that really makes a difference. It's not just about the details and fit, it's really great to see something like this made for women from the start. 

So Tradlands is high on my list of brands to check out if you want something to live in all seasons, and this lookbook will be up there as a point of inspiration this fall. 

 photo TradlandsVolumeFourLookbook-5_zps9673d8aa.jpg
 photo TradlandsVolumeFourLookbook-12_zps654c6cd6.jpg
 photo TradlandsVolumeFourLookbook-2_zpsabcb361a.jpg
 photo TradlandsVolumeFourLookbook-6_zps51464e11.jpg
 photo TradlandsVolumeFourLookbook-3_zpsf7d1538f.jpg


  1. Solanah! Thanks so much for featuring us on the American Threads. We appreciate your awesome words about the lookbook.

    @Victoria thanks!